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xBTCe Web Terminal v.3.2 released!

Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are pleased to announce the release of xBTCe Web Terminal v.3.2. In addition to the previous release, we have added some improvements, such as:


1. Implemented Market Watch profiles functionality;

2. Improved UI of OCT: added separate tabs for 4 order types (Market/Limit/Stop/Stop Limit), added Visible Volume, Expiration and Comment fields;

3. Added option to turn ON/OFF animation in L2;

4. Implemented 3 Trading Modes (Confirm Action, One Click Trading, Double Click Trading);

5. Implemented navigation to Orders tab with filtered orders by click on Asset Name in Assets grid;

6. Implemented Search functionality in Assets, Order and History grids;

7. Implemented filtering in Order and History grids;

8. Implemented assets amount conversion in Assets grid;

9. Implemented trading functionality directly from chart;

10. Added Order Visible Volume column in History/Assets History;

11. Implemented support of Readonly and Blocked accounts;

12. Other improvements and bug fixes.

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Please take a moment to read the above and we would value your feedback on our current and future roadmap for xBTCe Web Terminal!


xBTCe Team

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