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TickTrader Desktop Terminal v1.11 released!

Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are pleased to announce the release of TickTrader Desktop Terminal v1.11.

TickTrader Desktop Terminal is an ultimate all-in-one trading application combining professional tools with the fully customizable interface. It has high-level functionality and gives you the access to both marginal trading and exchange of FX, CFD and Crypto instruments with low latency.


In addition to the previous release, we have added some new features and improvements, such as:


  1. Supported market state alerts – Sound, Notification, File;

  2. Added account management wizard: Edit Account;

  3. Implemented Heatmap Settings (Scaling option);

  4. Quotes window tabs (Symbols, Heat Map, OCT, Tick Chart) are made detachable;

  5. Implemented Reverse Trade Position command (Gross, Net accounts);

  6. Added total value of assets in currency;

  7. Added 'Order Locked' and 'Available Balance' calculated fields in Order Modify dialog to check available balance when modifying an order (Cash accounts only);

  8. Added User Manual Russian version;

  9. Some other improvements and bug fixes.


You can download the latest versions and get more details on our TickTrader Terminals at

Please leave your feedback on our current and future roadmap for xBTCe Desktop Terminal at [email protected].

You can also enjoy all the advantages of mobile trading with the xBTCe TickTrader Android Terminal!

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xBTCe Team

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